Oddities and Book Addiction

The world seems to be leading me back to my forgotten blog. After a long span, I’ve been reminded I have a blog by a serendipitous (I love when I have a reason to use this word, it just sounds happy) coincidence today… twice. So I figured the world is telling me to write, so I will write..err type? This could be just a massive mistake, in which I confuse write with “please delete your unused blog”…but I’m going to lean towards the positive side 🙂 Besides it’s not as if anyone actually reads my blog, since I NEVER write, so here I go.


Books, books and more books…

I tend to avoid books in the school year. Mainly because my university program is very labour intensive and keeps me busy, and I’m a procrastinator, so I really do not need another distraction. Illustrated here…by me writing a blog post instead of reading the lecture materials I have put off for the last couple of hours ._. BUT REALLY..who isn’t a procrastinator? Also I love books, so If I start reading a good story I won’t want to do anything but read…which really isn’t conducive to being a good student. 

I’ve been naughty, I’m on a bit of a book binge currently. Anyhow what I wanted to talk about is AMAZING.

My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares. 


While I have read some of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series, I’m not a massive fan. This book though I loved! which of course to my utter disappointment, is her only book to not be a bestseller. I’ve heard that there may be a movie adaptation which might mean more books in the series hopefully! 

The book is about past lives and reincarnation. It was a very interesting take on it. The main character is Daniel and he has the ability to remember his past lives. His first life, he can recall at least, I think is in something like 400 BC… and the story runs from there till present day. The story basically revolves around Daniel and his search for Sophia- who I suppose is his soulmate, I don’t really know how else to describe it. Sophia doesn’t have “the memory” and so It’s always this odd situation. It was a really interesting read, it talks about how things follow you through your lives, and people end up grouped together again, among other thins. I found this book so captivating!  It’s definitely worth the read, especially if your interested in reincarnation, past lives and history. I did find the ending a bit of a let down..but from what I understand it was originally slated to be a trilogy. Here’s hoping there is more to come 🙂