Oddities and Book Addiction

The world seems to be leading me back to my forgotten blog. After a long span, I’ve been reminded I have a blog by a serendipitous (I love when I have a reason to use this word, it just sounds happy) coincidence today… twice. So I figured the world is telling me to write, so I will write..err type? This could be just a massive mistake, in which I confuse write with “please delete your unused blog”…but I’m going to lean towards the positive side 🙂 Besides it’s not as if anyone actually reads my blog, since I NEVER write, so here I go.


Books, books and more books…

I tend to avoid books in the school year. Mainly because my university program is very labour intensive and keeps me busy, and I’m a procrastinator, so I really do not need another distraction. Illustrated here…by me writing a blog post instead of reading the lecture materials I have put off for the last couple of hours ._. BUT REALLY..who isn’t a procrastinator? Also I love books, so If I start reading a good story I won’t want to do anything but read…which really isn’t conducive to being a good student. 

I’ve been naughty, I’m on a bit of a book binge currently. Anyhow what I wanted to talk about is AMAZING.

My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares. 


While I have read some of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series, I’m not a massive fan. This book though I loved! which of course to my utter disappointment, is her only book to not be a bestseller. I’ve heard that there may be a movie adaptation which might mean more books in the series hopefully! 

The book is about past lives and reincarnation. It was a very interesting take on it. The main character is Daniel and he has the ability to remember his past lives. His first life, he can recall at least, I think is in something like 400 BC… and the story runs from there till present day. The story basically revolves around Daniel and his search for Sophia- who I suppose is his soulmate, I don’t really know how else to describe it. Sophia doesn’t have “the memory” and so It’s always this odd situation. It was a really interesting read, it talks about how things follow you through your lives, and people end up grouped together again, among other thins. I found this book so captivating!  It’s definitely worth the read, especially if your interested in reincarnation, past lives and history. I did find the ending a bit of a let down..but from what I understand it was originally slated to be a trilogy. Here’s hoping there is more to come 🙂




TTC thoughts

My ride home today on the street car was more thoughtful than normal. We’ve all had the TTC drivers who insist you stand behind that darn white line, and people tend to grumble about it. Today the driver was extremely adamant that he would not move an inch if anyone was in front of that white line. t’s not too unusual to be asked to stand behind that white line; but I have never seen a driver so vocal or determined about it. At first I though he was just being absurd…but then he started to comment on the fact if you are not behind that white line is not safe to drive. That standing there limits his view; meaning he was in fact just looking out for the safety of everyone. As I pondered this I started wondering if this is for my safety why aren’t more TTC drivers doing the same? I had always thought of those drivers who squish us all in were kinder, thinking about how we all need to get somewhere; but were they really doing me a favour, risking everyone’s safety for the sake of saving me a 5 minutes wait?